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.SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics

SVG is an open standard for vector graphichs similar to Flash. The advantage with SVG is that it can be edited with any text editor - the same way PostScript could. This is useful for software development and web site design.

Sample SVG files

The next version of FireFox (1.6) nicknamed Deer Park will have built in support for SVG. You can download the "Nightly Build" here:Nightly Build of FireFox

Currently the most used way to view SVG files is to use Adobes SVG Plugin. When I tried the downloaded applications, not much seemed to happen, as it just installed the plugin (named "NPSVG3Carbon" in the Library/Internet Plug-Ins folder). You can now view SVG files in your web browser (I have tested this in FireFox, Mozilla and Safari).

Adobe markets Adobe Illustrator as the best tool to create SVG files.

SVG files don't need to be converted into a text file - you can drop it directly on TextEdit to see how it is made. In FireFox 1.6 you can view the source of SVG files just like you can view the source of web pages.