Modified Airport Express Hack

Here is a cool recycling tip I received from Arri in the Netherlands. Note the extra cooling put on the regulators (most important on the 3.3 one) as they run on more than 5 volts. To understand what he has done you can google the "KIA278R05PI" 5 volt regulator and the the "EZ1585CT" 3.3 volt regulator.

Subject: additional tip for fixing airport express

thanks for the info on your site!

i knew what i had to do to fix the AE, i was just too laze to go out and get the parts.. :)

but this website encouraged me to actually go through the piles of rubish in my house to see what i already got. i found ofcourse plenty of standard powerbricks, none of which would give exactly 5 volts..

but then i found that for the 5 volts the solution was right under my nose:

on the blown AE powerboard!

so i desoldered it and recycled it.

now i had stable 5 volt.

the 3.3 i got from a voltage regulator i found on an old video-card (voodoo 3dfx)

i put them together on a piece of printboard, using a 47µF cap on the output of the 5V volt.reg. from the AE (according to specs in the data sheet) and a 10µF on the out of the volt.reg from the voodoo 3 (the 10µF is actually also taken from the old AE-powerboard.. )

everyting nicely fits inside the case (which i opened-up a bit less 'neat' than you did)

it's put together with tape until it prooves stable and a added a fuse for safety.. and i'm not a complete electronics nerd, but it already works great for a few days now.

just thought the idea of using the voltage regulator from the AE can be helpfull..

keep it up!


gr arri

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