• The Airport Express (older than the N model A1264) ready to converted from 110/220 volts to 5 volts. Mark drill position
  • Large hole - 3 mm deep - marked by tape
  • Drill horizontally to whe weight of the machine does not provoke an accident
  • Pull out the plug to the wifi board
  • Check that it works: Black to ground, orange to 3.3 volt and red to 5 volts
  • This is hard. Push a thin thread through with screwdriver. Pull a thicker thread back and use it to pull 3 new wires through. Alternatively try with stiff (telephone) wires.
  • Success! Wires pulled through ready for soldering, isolation and being pushed back inside and covered by a 10 mm plastic plug.
  • Assemble the parts also used in the hacksaw version of this repair, pack inside the hollowed out plug and close with a hot glue gun. This is easy to disassemble if needed
  • The 5 volts power plug connected. The 3.3 volt converter gets a bit of fresh air.
  • Music!

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