Analytics on MobileMe (Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion)

iWeb, MobileMe and Personal Domain

While MobileMe is closed you can still use this way of adding the analytics code to your pages. The requirement is that you can edit the files directly from your Mac. Mobile me offered this, but if you have regular Apple File Sharing - “AFP” - access to your web folder you are fine. “iDisk” is just called what your service provider decided.

When  you publish with iWeb to MobileMe iWeb logs on to your iDisk/AFP where it updates the web pages of your site.

You find those web pages here

Open the Sites folder like this

Here you see the files which make up your web site. The Analytics code only needs to be added to the html files, but it is easiest to select the folder.

Make sure the folder for your web site is selected (blue).

Click the “gear” menu with things to do to that folder.

Choose Add Google Analytics (the name you chose when when saved as a Service)

If your “Add Google Analytics” does not show up in the menu, release the mouse and click again. Finder may not discover your new service right away (worst case - log out and back in).

With the current setup on Google Analytics web pages you point to the index.html file which you can also see on the image above. You also need to add the code to this index.html file. This main index file is a small file which redirects to the one of your sites which you have chosen as default.

Select index.html and add the code to it just as with the site folder. This was how it was typically set up on MobileMe. Change as appropriate for your server.

This also shows how you can add the code to individual files. Open the folder with your web site, select the file(s) and add the code.

After a few seconds (15 sec - sometimes Automator needs to wake up) the Add Analytics script will start which you can see in the the menu in the top of your screen.

It may take 20 seconds (a small site) to some minutes (for a larger site).


You want to see that the code it there.

Start Safari and visit your site.

This is the shortcut icon in iWeb, but you go there any way you wish.

In Safari pick “View Source”

Scroll all the way down in the code and if you you see something like what is blue below, the code is added.

You can also check if it sent the little message to Google that you just visited the page.

Pick Safari’s Activity Window.

You will get a long list (don’t have 10 Safari windows open when you do this) of things Safari has loaded from the web, but the Google Analytics “count” is just 35 bytes.

Even though Safari has sent the count to Google, Analytics takes as much as 24 hours to update the statistics.

Automator - Save as Application

If you got this working, you may think it is more flexible than you need if you have only one web site you update.

Then follow the Save as Application instructions.

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