Video Clips of iWeb with Analytics on FTP

These clips are recorded on Mac OS 10.6 with QuickTime’s screen recording.

The Short Explanation

  1. 1)Publish your site to a folder.

  2. 2)Add Google Analytics to the pages in that folder

  3. 3)Upload the folder to the FTP server of your web host.

The Detailed Explanation With Video Links

Click the links to see short screen recordings of how to do it.

  1. 1)Publish your web site to a folder on your own Mac. Your “Sites” folder is a good place. It is fine if you only publish changes, but sometimes you may like to publish your entire site. For instance if you want a fresh site with no analytics code.

  2. 2)Add Google Analytics. Do this with the gear menu in Finder or the control-click menu, or if you have saved your service as an application. Use TextEdit with HTML interpreter off to check that the code gets added.

  3. 3)Upload your site with your preferred FTP application. I have used Transmit from Panic. This is NOT iWeb which can only upload pure iWeb files with no extra code. Transmit allow “syncing” which is very handy when you only make minor changes to your web site.

Finally check your web site to see the code is there.

FTP is for advanced users. For help on how to use Transmit, contact Panic Software.