Search Engine Optimization for iWeb

Keywords, meta tags and contents description

Originally web pages could be tagged with extra information about the contents of the web page as a help for search engines. This has for many years been abused so much that Google has abandoned looking at the tags, and there is no longer much reason to use them, with one exception: the page title.

Page Title

If you want to see your search results show up nicely in google’s results, you can give each page a nice long title which display well when found.

The title of this page is “SEO for iWeb” and below you see where you edit it.

Eventually one may find this page with a google search and the title will be found in the search results. However I am almost certain that others will have web pages which will end above this one in the results.

The down side of using long descriptive page titles is that iWeb’s navigation becomes ugly with long titles for each page (the navigation on this page is not pretty). Then you need to turn off the otherwise easy to use “Display Navigation Menu” on your pages, and do navigation manually with titles you like. On the positive side is that those links manually will make it easier for google to index the other pages on your site.

Site Map

Google will read site maps if you make one, and for iWeb sites it can be a good idea. The instructions are hard to follow though and making the navigation links manually is the simple solution for most sites. If you can come to every page via a manually created link you don’t need a site map.

Become a World Expert

You will only get to the front page of google searches if you become the world leader of your field of knowledge. This is really hard if your field is “sports photography”, but easier if it is "poodle washing machines" (this page may soon top google on that!).

You define “world” and it can very well include the city where you run your business.

Books -

I have read a few books about building web fame. They are not at all technical, but involve how you think about your business. Take an amazon safari!

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Unleashing the Ideavirus is also available as a free PDF from Seth’s site, but check the reviews and related links on amazon. Viral videos have been popular for many years, and Seth describes why and how to think about telling stories which spread. And of course having products worth talking about.

Purple Cow

A follow up on the idea virus book. Based on the simple theme that you need to stand out to get noticed. A fast read, but the recommendations on Amazon may lead you to books better suited for what you need.

Seth Godin has written written more on marketing and it explains much you see done by other companies - like Apple.

Search Terms for Amazon

If you have never tried to market yourself any book on copywriting will teach you valuable things. I am an engineer and this field has been totally unknown to me until recently. Writing tricks don’t replace good products, which is why I recommend Seth Godin as he tries to explore what makes a good product or idea.

Try a search for “selling on ebay”. I don’t have a specific recommendation, but the myth is that if all who earned part of their living via ebay worked in the same company it would be the largest in the USA.