Save as Application

If you want to make an easy way to add Analytics code to one particular web site, Automator makes this easy too.

Pick “Application” when you create a workflow in Automator. Watch this 2 minute video!

Here is a different video which creates a file on your desktop with a list of updated web pages each time you add code to your site. If you only change one page in iWeb normally only one page needs updating.

And a quick screen recording which show you the “Recents” menu as a handy way to edit your Application.

On Leopard you can also use Finder to select the folder (or html files) you wish to add the code to.

Control-click to get the menu with all the options available for the folder.

Pick More->Automator->Create Workflow.

Automator will make a new Workflow with the first action already filled out with the folder you just selected.

Drag in the Add Analytics Action

Add your Analytics ID

Save as Application.

Your application will look like this.

You can save this to the Desktop, try it, and drag it to your Applications folder and Dock if you use it often.

It will be a discreet app like this screen shot shows.

Then you just need to run this application after you have published changes to your web site.

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