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DoubleTake 1.6.3

July 19 2007

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Wider or taller images by overlapping and blending photos

Use it when:

Open, Stitch & Save

To make it quick and simple to use DoubleTake there are several ways getting images into DoubleTake and saving the resultt.



DoubleTake will make a first guess on how the images fit together. You can then freely move the images around and tweak the overlaps as desired.


Save in TIFF, JPEG, PDF, PNG, doubletake's own format, or copy the result to iPhoto with copy and paste.

The images should be taken at the same distance or be in the same resolution. But they need not to be the same dimensions.

The sample images

Are chosen because they require different actions for a good result.


DoubleTake costs €16.95 excl. VAT, and I hope you will find it useful. When you have paid, you receive a license number which you enter together with your name in the Registration Window.
When you register, the "DoubleTake" watermark disappear from the image.

Upgrade from previous versions DoubleTake is free.


The license to DoubleTake is a non-exclusive single user license. The license to use DoubleTake is personal and not for rent, lease, resale.


DoubleTake requires Mac OS 10.3.9
The next version will use features from mac OS 10.4


1.6.3 July 19 2007
1.6.1 June 15 2005
1.6.2 June 28 2005
1.6.1 June 15 2005
1.6 June 11 2005

1.5 April 13 2005
1.5b2 - April 12 2005 1.5b1
1.0 March 23 2005
0.99 February 3 2005

Bugs - July 23

DoubleTake requires "Millions of Colors" in your "system preferences" to blend images properly. It is a bug not to put up an alert about this (like iPhoto does). DoubleTake use the graphics card, and this is even more true for the next version.

Please report bugs to Henrik Dalgaard -


You can test DoubleTake right from the disk image. To install it drag the DoubleTake application from the disk image to the Applications folder on your computers hard drive or anywhere you wish to keep it.


Drag DoubleTake to the trash.


Translation to Dutch: "iLocalize" and Sander van Vugt.
Translation to Italian: Pierino Donati - Studio tecnico geom. Pierino Donati
Translation to Danish, French, partially Japanese done by Henrik Dalgaard aided by the app iLocalize and Apple's dictionaries.
Translation to German done by Henrik Dalgaard and Sabine Schulz.


DoubleTake comes with no warranty, expressed or implied. It may or may not work as intended, and I am not responsible for any damages, special, indirect, consequential, or whatsoever caused by using the software.


Feedback and questions are welcome to:

Henrik Dalgaard
Echo One