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Sample - Converting a Windows screensaver to macOS

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Screen Saver Sample - No Longer Relevant

Screen Savers are no longer available as free EXE files. Regular image files is the preferred way to distribute photos

Google was once good for finding a free screensavers. The screen savers most likely to be convertable are the ones which are slideshows, as they only Windows specific code they contain is the code to play the slide show.

These steps demonstrated what File Juicer can do:
  1. Visit to get the "Grand Tetons" screen saver (7.2 MB). Many screensaver sites are sponsored by advertising so you may need to hunt for the download links.
  2. The file you once could download was packaged as a Windows .EXE file. Drop it on File Juicer with the JPEG and the "Inflate & Zip" checkboxes set in the Preferences. It will extract the images. The "Inflate, Zip" checkbox is often needed when the files contain compressed files.
  3. The resulting files were ready to be put in a folder, and chosen as a "folder" screen saver in the System Preferences.

PowerPoint Files

Are common and contian images which File Juicer can extract.
Entertaining images are often collected in PowerPoint files, and they end up on many web sites.
Find these web sites by searching for one specific PowerPoint file. You may have one in your mail already, but Illusions.pps is common.
The Google search:

Download trouble with Powerpoint files
Some of these sites are with broken links. Others work.
One common problem when people keep PowerPoint files on their websites is that the web server does not tell Safari that it is a PowerPoint file. You get meaningless text in Safari.
To download it properly - hold down the alt-key or the control key when you click the link.

If you are not just interested in extracting the images for your own humor archive, you can always purchase iWork - which can edit them properly!