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.EXE files are applications for Windows ....

... Not exclusively!

There are 2 common exceptions to this rule where you can use the .exe files on a Mac.
  1. it contains compressed files - in a self extracting .zip archive
  2. it .exe contains a Flash file - which has been saved as a self playing file
"File Juicer" can unwrap these files from their .exe packaging.

Steps to extract a Flash file

  1. Download "File Juicer" - the free version 1.5 (274 kB) or the newest File Juicer
  2. Set the preferences to extract only Flash
  3. Drag the .exe file onto "File Juicer" - and it will extract the contents to a new folder on the Desktop
  4. Back in Finder, pick the largest of the extracted Flash files - and you are done.

File Juicer Screen Shot

The browser cache

File Juicer has a shortcut for Juicing your Web browsers cache. This is also useful for saving Flash files it you have no other option to save in your browser. Just "Juice" the entire browser cache for Flash files, and sort the resulting folder af flash files after size. The smallest files are the ads from the web pages you visited. The larger flash files are probaly the ones you look for.