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iSwiff Version 1.10.0 - July 27 2018

Play Flash files without a web browser

iSwiff will
  • let you play Flash from your own hard disk
  • let you enjoy a full screen experience
  • let you play more Flash files than QuickTime Player

Finding Flash files on the net

Check /iSwiff/flashfinder.html


iSwiff is freeware.


iSwiff 1.10.0 should work back to Mac OS 10.9.5 , but I test only on Mac OS 10.11 or later.
You can download iSwiff 1.9.0 if you need it for older versions of Mac OS X.
You can download iSwiff 1.8.0 if you need it for older versions of Mac OS X.
You can download iSwiff 1.7.0 if you need it for older versions of Mac OS X.
iSwiff 1.7 should work back to Mac OS 10.6.8 , but I tested it only on Mac OS 10.10 - 10.12
You can download iSwiff 1.6 if you need it for even older versions of Mac OS X.
A flash plugin for web browsers. It is already installed with Mac OS, but you can find the latest version on
VersionTracker or MacUpdate


Does not play Flash files designed to be played only from the web.

Version History

1.10.0 July 27 2108
  • Rebuilt with XCode 10 to get support for macOS 10.14 "Mojave". Otherwise no changes.
1.9.0 March 31 2108
  • Rebuilt with XCode 9.3 on macOS High Sierra using latest Apple recommended settings.
1.9.0 November 28 2107
  • Rebuilt with XCode 9.1 on macOS High Sierra using latest Apple recommended settings.
  • Updated: code using API Apple has deprecated has been updated to use the modern replacements
1.8.0 March 21 2107
  • Rebuilt with XCode 8.2.1 on macOS Sierra using recommended settings.
  • Italian localization updated. Thank You Fabri!
1.8.0 Jan 16 2107
  • Rebuilt with XCode 8.2.1 on macOS Sierra
  • Proper error message if Adobe Flash Plugin is not installed.
  • Technically it can be almost approved to the Mac App Store, but since the most important feature uses the Adobe Flash Plugin, it is not worthy (Makes sense - maybe I should redo iSwiff as a way to extract media from SWF files instead making it possible to bring the contents forward. And since most use iSwiff to play video or view slides, that use is good).
1.7.0 Mar 24 2015
  • Rebuilt as a 64 bit app on Yosemite.
  • Download is a zip archive to make it easier to move to your Application folder.
  • Since QuickTime X does not support it, saving as QuickTime has been removed.
1.6.0 Mar 3 2014
  • Checked to still work on Mac OS X 10.9 "Mavericks"
1.6 July 25 2012
  • Signed for Gatekeeper in Mac OS X 10.8.
1.5 December 14 2009
  • Fix: for Snow Leopard - crash when closing a window.
1.4 March 17 2009
  • Now behaves like iTunes Visualizer and QuickTime when the screen saver kicks in by exiting full screen.
1.2.2 March 4 2008
  • Added Chinese translation done by Mimihzs.
1.2.2 February 25 2007
  • Added Spanish, Norwegean and Swedish translations.
1.2.2 October 11 2006 1.2.2 mar 10 2006
  • iSwiff is now a Universal binary to run well on the new Macs with Intel processors
1.2.1 Jan 7 2006
  • Fixed: Preference for software update check now remebered and debugging message to console removed
1.2 Jan 4 2006
  • New: Export to QuickTime
  • Updated: French localisation - thanks to Ronald Leroux
1.1.2 Nov 8 2005
  • iSwiff icon for when iSwiff is set to the default application for Flash files
1.1.1 Oct 11 2005
  • Localization to Dutch, Italian and Danish. (If you find mistakes I welcome an email)
1.1 May 6 2005

Update for Tiger and MacOS 10.3.9. Added the ability to play flash files through Personal Web sharing.  Some files don't play directly from hard disk, but need to be played form a server.
You can do this on your Mac by:
  1. Enable Personal Web sharing in System Preferences.
  2. Place the flash files in your "Sites" folder. 
When iSwiff opens files in your "Sites" folder it will open them through your web server, and they may fullfill the need to be network played. Some games have stronger requirements than this, and they can only be played from the website where they reside.

1.0.3 February 26 2005

  • Fixes of several user interface issues.

1.0.2 January 5 2005
  • Can now open files with unicode names
1.0.1 January 5 2005
  • Window resize problem fixed
1.0 January 3 2005
  • First release


You can try it from the disk image, and if you link it you can drag to your "Applications" Folder, or anywhere on your hard disk.


Drag iSwiff to the trash.


Drop Flash files on iSwiff or open then from the File menu.


iSwiff comes with no warranty, expressed or implied. It may or may not work as intended, and I am not responsible for any damages, special, indirect, consequential, or whatsoever caused by using the software.


Feedback and questions are welcome to:

Henrik Dalgaard
Echo One