The Console Report Bugs

The "Black Box" on MacOS X - (email it to me!)

The "tape recorder" in Mac OS X records when something unusual happens. Every application, has a chance to get their actions recorded as well. After a crash you can send the "Black Box" to the software developer for inspection.
Where to find The Console
"The Console" keeps the recordings neatly ordered like iTunes handles music. You find it in your Applications folder in the Utilities folder.

When you start Console, you get to a window which look like this:

Screen Shot of The Console

This screen shot show the applications which have crashed on my Mac. More than a years worth of crash "music" is in this "crash log library".

As a developer logs from freshly released applications are the most interesting as they have likely not been fixed.

Even logs for an application which has not been updated for a year can be helpful, if for instance a new release of Mac OS suddenly create a problem.

Send logs for Echo One software to:
Henrik Dalgaard