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Software for macOS

Independent Software Developer

I mainly work on macOS with images and file formats. I do custom software development, but most visit this site for the apps File Juicer or DoubleTake below.


Custom Apps

Do you need an app?

Tell me about your needs, and I will tell you what I can offer or recommend other approaches.



DoubleTake is the "nano" of stitching software. Drag & drop your images onto or into DoubleTake, arrange them, and check the overlaps. When you are done - save and perhaps copy and paste the result to iPhoto.

File Juicer

Extract/recover images, video, audio and text from files, folders, flash cards and iPods.
File Juicer will extract images from PDF, PowerPoint, Excel or Word just as it will extract them from flash cards. It considers all files as the peel of an orange which can be removed and the contents extracted.