Echo One Data Protection - May 2018

Data Protection

I collect personal data about you to run my software business.

What Data I Collect

  • If you purchase from me, I will know your name, address and email. PayPal will know your credit card number, but does not share it with me.
  • My web site tracks how it is used, but not in a way so I can identify who read it. For this I use Google Analytics.
  • If you write me emails, I keep them so I can give you a decent reply by knowing what you talk about

Right To Be Forgotten

If you buy software from me (which I hope), I can't delete the fact that you have used a credit card. This data is kept by PayPal for tax purposes.

If you wish I should delete emails I have gotten from you, just tell me and I will do so.

Selling Data About You

Is not a part of my business.

Storage of Data

Email is stored on my own server, which is encrypted and kept updated with the latest security updates

My portable devices are updated, encrypted and password protected.

I use encrypted backups.

Storage of Data by Third Parties

PayPal does a great effort to protect the data they need to guard: PayPal Data Protection

Google has a huge section on data protection: Googles Data Protection Policy


On one of my pages, about EXE files, I show relevant affiliate links to Amazon.

Contact - Data Protection Officer

You are of course welcome to contact me, Henrik Dalgaard, for more info:

Echo One by Henrik Dalgaard, Echo One, Rosenfeldt 40, 3600 Frederikssund, Denmark |