DoubleTake Registration Help

Registration Help


DoubleTake's registration window looks like this:

Check list to why the serial number may not work

  • Both the "Registered to:" and the "Serial number" must be filled out with the name and information from your registration email.
  • If you name has letters like ü or ø in it the accents are stripped off to make it compatible with different email applications.
  • Upper and lower case letters matter in the "Registered to:", and you must enter them as in the registration email.
  • The serial number only use uppercase letters.
  • Some letters an numbers may look alike: 0 and O, I and 1 and S and 5. Copy and Paste will avoid this problem.
  • If you have not gotten the registartion email, it could be because it has been caught by your spam filter, or if your internet provider has set up a spam filter


You can contact me by email. I will reply as fast as possible (I live in Denmark - Central European Time).

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