DoubleTake für Mac OS X

Version 2.2.4 - 5. Mai 2010
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Über DoubleTake

DoubleTake ist für Benutzer die kompakte Kameras mögen, aber manchmal wünschen, dass Sie eine Weitwinkellinse aus Ihrer Tasche zaubern könnten oder einen Sensor mit einigen extra Megapixel für große Drucke einschließen könnten.

DoubleTake erlaubt es, indem es Ihnen beides - automatische und manuelle Steuerungen - gibt um Photos mit einfachem Ziehen perfekt zu verbinden.


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Wenn Sie sich registrieren, verschwindet das "DoubleTake" Wasserzeichen vom Bild.

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DoubleTake 2.2.4 erfordert Mac OS X 10.5.8
DoubleTake 2.2.3 erfordert Mac OS X 10.4.11
DoubleTake 1.6.2 erfordert Mac OS X 10.3.9


Version 2.2.4 - May 5 2010

  • New: added the menu option to turn stitching off. This is useful for photomontages where the blends don't make sense
  • New: added the menu option to snap images to edges when draggging. This is useful for photomontages.
  • Changed: when dropping images one at a time, the place the image is dropped becomes its initial position. This is useful for photomontages and for better manual control of. If dropped on top of existing images DoubleTake will try to find a more appropriate spot.
  • Changed: images are now drawn in the order they have been last selected. Useful when stitching is turned off.
  • Fixed: crash when stitching images of different size (likely for photomontages)
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5.8

Version 2.2.3 - August 3 2009

  • Fixed: on Snow Leopard a redraw problem where images got scaled down when adjusting colors or geometry.
  • Fixed: crash when opening the iPhoto browser from the Windows menu.
  • Fixed: crash when chosing Next from the Overlap menu and there are no overlaps.

Version 2.2.1 - May 18 2009

  • Fixed: interactive feedback on G5 Macs on Mac OS X 10.5.7.
  • Updated: RAW photos stitched will save as TIFF when using the shortcuts to Aperture and iPhoto.

Version 2.2 - February 6 2009

Finder Info for DoubleTake
  • New: 64 bit support - on newer Macs.
  • New: Toolbar buttons for saving the result and getting it imported into iPhoto or Aperture.
  • Fix: Crash when printing posters
  • Fix: Crash when switching in and out of DoubleTake several times when doing more than one panorama.
  • Fix: Files saved for iPhoto now get a proper extension
  • Fix: Files saved for iPhoto get a file name based on the image numbers if they are sequentially numbered (quite common)
  • Fix: Files saved for Aperture now import into Aperture in a project named DoubleTake
  • Fix: GPS Coordinates made by iPhone are now preserved in the final panorama

To save panoramas larger than 100 million pixels you need a Mac with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor or newer and Mac OS X 10.5. The G5 should support 64 bit too. The upper limit of saved files is not known - but I believe this is limited by patience, file format limits and the appication in which you wish to use the saved image.

When running 64 bit QuickTime VR is not supported, and neither is stitching of QuickTime movies (not many have ever tried this).

To turn on 64 bit mode use Get Info in Finder and uncheck the 32 bit checkbox

To turn off 64 bit mode use Get Info in Finder and check the 32 bit checkbox

4.9.8 July 18 2008

  • Added: support for iPhoto's ithmb files for the iPod Photo (they are different from the ones on the iPod).
  • Added: extract of content of .webarchive files from Safari 4.
  • Added: extract of xml coded binary data from .plist files.

Version 2.1 - 16. April 2007

  • Neu: Posterdruck
  • Gelöst: Problem wo die Griffe das ganze Panorama rot erscheinen ließen
  • Gelöst: Bilder, die sich nur in einigen Pixeln überlappen, werden nicht gespeichert und sogar mit der Überlappung teilweise gezeichnet.

Version 2.0.5 - February 25 2007

  • New: Portuguese localization - many thanks to Luis Damas
  • New: Swedish localization done by Henrik Dalgaard (jeg er dansker!)

Version 2.0.5 - December 7 2006

  • New: You can drop 360 degree images into DoubleTake wrap them into a QTVR movie
  • New: Chinese localization by Ayee
  • Fixed: rare crash when placing images within 2 pixels of each other with no overlap
  • Improved: vertical banding removed when stitching night shots

Version 2.0.4 - August 25 2006

  • New: Manual cropping of the panorama
  • New: keyboard shortcuts (as in PhotoShop) for zoom to fit and zoom to actual pixels
  • Fixed: the with and height fields were disabled on a 2nd save
  • Fixed: the selection of images was lost when zooming
  • Fixed: ICC profile was not written in TIFF panoramas if the photos were 16 bit

Version 2.0.3 - July 19 2006

  • New: Rotate left and right for all images
  • Fixed: a memory leak which could make DoubleTake run out of memory after having stitched about 30-60 images
  • New: Control click in DoubleTakes window to force it to arrange images in horizontally, vertically or sort by time taken if the default arrangement does not pick the right solution. See the Chamhord sample for such a case.

Version 2.0.2 - July 9 2006

  • Fixed: redraw problems with "blank" images after some undo operations. They would redraw again if nudged a bit
  • Fixed: QTVR now opens at the zoom and tilt corresponding to the last view in DoubleTake before saving. This did work except if the zoom was at the back seam
  • Fixed: the 360 degree seam would not enable if the 2 rightmost images were almost on top of each other
  • Improved: the case where the .doubletake files have been moved from the images now asks where they have been moved to.
  • New: Save a QTVR from a single image (which is already 360 degrees). Just open the image, turn on the 360 seam and save as QTVR.

Version 2.0.1 - June 20 2006

  • Fixed: using the arrow keys, or clicking the geometry sliders and not moving could make images disappear
  • Fixed: starting DoubleTake 2 on Mac OS X 10.3.9 now refers to DoubleTake 1.6.2 instead
  • Fixed: layout of info window fixed in German, French and Italian

Version 2.0 - June 16 2006

Most of the code is now rewritten to take advantage of Tiger's Core Image graphics card acceleration. It is of course also a Universal Binary.
  • Adjust and Geometry tools - try the Samples
  • Rotate mode - hit r on keyboard - notice how the corner handles change
  • Scale mode - hit s
  • Free Perspective mode - hit p
  • Normal move mode - hit n
  • Image menu
  • Exposure matching
  • Align button for making manual re-orderings snap together
  • Rotation of all selected images at once via the geometry window.
  • QTVR save option

Version 2.0 - the beta versions

See the separate beta-readme page for version 2

1.6.2 June 28 2005

  • Performance improvement when saving. Mac OS 10.4 is faster for this.
  • Translation to Dutch - (not proof read yet).

1.6.1 June 15 2005

1.6 June 11 2005

  • A few extra Save options
  • Printing
  • G4 requirement for Tiger removed

1.5 April 13 2005

  • Redrawing of the crop frame polished, and a redraw problem is fixed
  • Fixed a problem which occurred If you dragged in the images one at a time. DoubleTake could go into infinite loop, and be come unresponsive.

1.5b2 - April 12 2005

  • You can now save a DoubleTake document which contains references to the original images and how they are arranged. This is handy if you want to come back and do minor adjustments later.
  • You can adjust images currently being worked with in DoubleTake in other applications, as iPhoto. If you find one image which needs a bit of rotation or exposure correction, you can do this there and save it. When you return to DoubleTake it will notice that the file has been updated and reload it.
  • Images rotated, with tag only rotation, will now show up correctly.
  • The x-ray mode of overlapping the images has been replaced by transparency, as this is much simpler, faster, and require less memory. It also has a cool visual effect when DoubleTake blends the overlaps.
  • Keyboard sort cuts. See the menus. Arrow keys move the selected image, and turns it transparent for 2 seconds. Useful for fine tuning image positions. Tab selects the next overlap, useful when you are zoomed in.
  • Dragging more than one image. Select them with the shift key held down.
  • Locking overlaps. See the overlap menu, and use the additional shortcut at the space bar.
  • Better sorting when opening many images. It sorts by filename, and tries both backwards and forwards order. When sorting fewer than 9 images all possible arrangements are tried. This does not mean that it gets it perfect every time. The Stonehenge example shows why.
  • Spelling fixes in the German translation. Danish translation added. I have looked up more words in Japanese. I am happy to receive corrections to the translations.
  • New icon


  • Performance enhancements of all operations.
  • 2 Crop modes: outside all the images, or inside.
  • Fish eye correction for shorter focal lengths.
  • Paste of images from iPhoto. Copy & paste of the merged image to iPhoto
  • Undo of the movement operations.
  • Automatic guess of arrangement is now enabled for more than 2 images.
  • Delete of accidentally imported images. Select it with one click, and chose "Delete".


  • Fixed crash when moving images with the keyboard.
  • Larger handles showing which image is selected for keyboard control.
  • Fixed problem reading TIFF files with higher resolution.

1.0 March 23 2005

  • Simplified and cleaner interface.
  • More control of the final result.
  • Better handling of panoramas wider than 2 images.
  • Support for vertically stacked images

0.99 February 3 2005

  • This is the first release.

Bugs and Improvements - in version 2.0.1

  • Improve documentation on QTVR.
  • Make gallery.

Bugs - in version 1.6.2

DoubleTake requires "Millions of Colors" in your "system preferences" to blend images properly. It is a bug not to put up an alert about this (like iPhoto does). DoubleTake use the graphics card, and this is even more true for the next version.

Fehler - Bitte melden!

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Sie können DoubleTake direkt vom Disk Image testen. Um es zu installieren ziehen Sie das DoubleTake Programm vom Disk Image zum Programme Ordner auf Ihrer Festplatte oder wo Sie es wünschen.


Ziehen Sie DoubleTake in den Papierkorb.



Portugisisch: Luis Damas
Französisch: Ronald Leroux
Japanisch: Yukirou Murai
Deutsch: Georg Seifert Website: StuFF mc
Chinesisch: Ayee
Italienisch: Pierino Donati - Studio tecnico geom. Pierino Donati
Niederländisch: Sander van Vugt.
Dänisch, Schwedisch: Henrik Dalgaard


iLocalize und Apple's Wörtebücher.
Übersetzung auf Deutsch von Henrik Dalgaard, Sabine Schulz und StuFF mc.


DoubleTake kommt ohne Gewähr. Es mag nicht wie erwartet funktionnieren, und ich bin für spezielle, indirekte, Folgeschäden, oder irgendetwas durch die Software Begründetes nicht verantwortlich.


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