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Extract CSV from PDF

File Juicer can extract text data from any kind of file including PDF.

PDF Files are often made by capturing printouts from custom applications which may not have the export features you could need.

File Juicer can pull out plain text form the PDF, but the PDF file format does not contain the meaning of its contents. This will likely mean that manual cleanup is needed afterwards to achieve a properly titled and formatted CSV

Cleaning up Text Data

Plain text can be parsed to CSV if you know the arrangement of the text. Spaces, tabs, commas titels all help identifying data. A good text editor can be very helpful ind doing this. (TextMate, BBEdit, Atom, Sublime Text, XCode, TextEdit).

XML Embedded in PDF

Some apps can "print" to PDF and embed the meaning of the data. XML will take out guesswork and make perfect parsing possible. I have seen XML embedded inside legal forms. Contact me if you want to have your PDF inspected for this.

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Custom Assistance

You are welcome to contact me for custom coded solution for parsing out content from your PDF files. Prices for a simple app start at $99.

Henrik Dalgaard