File Juicer

File Juicer

for macOS

Custom File Juicer

Could File Juicer solve your task perfectly....

If it just had a few more features made just for you?

Will those extra features save you hours of tedious work?

Making it just for you, is a lot simpler that adding a feature for everybody in a general release. I can skip market research, translation into 5 languages, redoing screen shots, checking backward compatibility and all the overhead which is involved in a general release.

Instead you send me some test files, and a good explanation for what you need.

Give me an easy way for me to tell if I have done the job.

  1. Tiny feature or proof of concept: $99
  2. Basic feature: $199
  3. Custom feature: $more

Send me an email, and I will tell you where it fits in the price list.

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