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Viewing 1000 Images

When you have extracted 1000 images, you may wish to get a fast overview of what you have extracted.

There are plenty ways to do this and one is built into File Juicer

File Juicer's Index Files

File Jucier makes small html index files of all the images you extract. You find those html files in each of image folders for each file format and you can simply open them in Safari. Side scroll to go through your images.

Index File viewed in Safari

Use Finder to View 1000's of Files

Of course you can use Finder to browse your images.

The tip is to adjust Finder to view them in a size where you can recognize the content, but not so large that you only can view a few at one time

Tip: "Show View Options" in Finder's View menu.

Index File viewed in Safari


Henrik Dalgaard
Echo One