File Juicer

File Juicer for Mac OS X

The Icon

Picture of the Alessi JuicerThe File Juicer Icon

File juicer is obvious when you get the idea, but I have found it difficult to explain more than once.

Phillippe Starck's "Juicy Salif" is the best illustration of the idea I can come up with, and that is why I attempted to make a twisted metal icon.

Twisted TrianglesIt started as black triangle copied 16 times into a circle.  Then it was twisted and chrome filtered and finally put through a few other filters which I have forgotten about!


It is hard not to think about the rocket in TinTin's trip to the moon
Don Norman has also taken it up as the front cover of "Emotional Design" which makes sense even for a software developer.
Wikipedia about: Phillippe Starck
Henrik Dalgaard