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File Juicer for Mac OS X

Scripting Help

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Script Editor

File Jucier and AppleScript Sample Code

To Juice files via AppleScript you can write code like this.
tell application "File Juicer"
    copy {POSIX path of (choose file)} to filelist
    juice files filelist types {"jpg", "rtf"} with showing results
end tell
Download script

The official AppleScript Reference from Apple is the resource for the details on AppleScript.

Mac OS X 10.5 also offer User Interface Scripting for scripting what is not designed to be scriptable.

File Jucier and Automator

Automator File Jucier has Automator Support and includes a few Automator Actions. This is much simpler to use than AppleScript and it gives you a good overview of many other features which may be practical to use together with File Juicer.

Folder Actions

You may be interested in folder actions on Mac OS 10.4 or later.