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File Juicer & Automator for Mac OS X


Saving a File Juicer Finder Plugin

In Automator jargon a "Workflow" saved in Finder's Automator Folder, is a Finder Plugin.

Step 1:
Control-click on the Desktop (or on files) in Finder.
Pick the "Create Workflow..." menu item. This will start Automator and create an new empty workflow.
Here you can set  preferences for the File Juicer shortcut menu.
Create Workflow
Step 2
Get Finder Items
The first "action" in the "workflow". Select it with a single mouse click - so it gets the blue border and delete it with the delete key!
Step 3
New Automator Action

Select File Juicer and drag the "Extract Images Action to the action list to the right, where you just deleted an action.

The Extract JPEG Preview from RAW action is tuned for RAW files where it kan skip a lot of unneeded searching, and optionally preserve EXIF from the RAW file

Step 4
Extract Images Action
Pick the formats you want as default, and in the "Options" section, check th options you want presented in Finder when you use the action.
Step 5
Save As Plugin
Finally "Save as Plugin", and youa re done.
You can always change the settings in the workflow later.

Step 6
Try the workflow from Finder!

Bonus demo > How to combine actions - download and extract images from a Windows Screen saver.
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