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Downloading a Windows Screen Saver

If you tried the "How to convert a Windows Screen Saver" example, you know  it took a few steps to do. And you still had to do it manually.

Download this 4 kB "Grand Tetons Screen Saver" workflow file and open it in Automator by double clicking on it.

It contains this 5 step recipe:
  1. Ask for approval to continue.
  2. Add the URL to the screen saver .exe file a "download list"
  3. Download the URL's on the list
  4. Tell File Juicer to extract the jpeg images inside.
  5. Tell Preview to open the images.

Pick the images you want to keep, drop them in a folder and set your Mac to run its screen saver from there.

Where to go next

Poke around in Automator. It has more than 200 actions for features in the applications included with Tiger.

Automator has many possibilities, which I have not even discovered yet. One thing you could try now, is the "options" I skipped in the example. It will tell which of the settings you want to allow to be chosen every time you use the plugin in Finder.

The automator plugin use AppleScript to control File Juicer. If you know AppleScript you can get even more control that way.

Apples Automator Page


File Juicer understands a bit of AppleScript which can be useful if you wish to do a folder action setup.
I have also developed the "Add Google Analytics" action for iWeb.


I appreciate feedback and bug reports.

Henrik Dalgaard
Echo One