File Juicer

File Juicer

for macOS

Extract Photos and Music From iPod

iPods - older than the iPod Touch, can work in "Disk Mode". This means that you can use File Juicer's features to extract files from the iPod.

This is mostly useful if you have lost your Mac, or all data on your Mac.

Then the images on your iPod may be all you have left, and while they are of lower resolution in ithmb files, they are in TV quality and certaily better than nothing

Music on the iPod is exactly as when you had it in iTunes, so the files you recover that way are fine. MP3 files get named according to the tags inside, while MP4 files must be imported into iTunes before you see the info about the song.

Connect the iPod

Connect the iPod Connect the iPod to your Mac. Do not synchronize it yet as that may remove what you have got on it already.

Select the iPod in iTunes

Install File Juicer Select the iPod in iTunes. This will tell you about the settings for the iPod.

Enable Disk Use for the iPod

Enable Disk Use for the iPod This is the most important step in getting access to the contents of your iPod.

Open the iPod in File Juicer

Pick which file formats File Juicer should search for on your iPod in File Juicer's Preferences. Here the preferences show music files. Photos are a bit more complicated as they are inside ithmb files, so read the story on itmb files.

Extract MP3 and MP4 from the iPod

Pick "Open" from the "File" menu.

Select the iPod

Then select the iPod - and click "Open".

Open the iPod

Let File Juicer search and extract what it can find!

Import the music into iTunes and the Photos into iPhoto....