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Receover Photos From MobileMe

Recover Photos from MobileMe

If you have gotten your Mac stolen or the hard drive had a crash which could not be repaired, the photos you have uploaded to MobileMe may be the last onews you have got left.

To recover the photos you can do it this way

  1. Connect to your iDisk in Finder.
    Go To iDisk
  2. Open your iDisk and go into the Web folder where you find your Sites and iPhoto's Gallery
  3. Copy the folders containing the images you wish to recover to your Mac. This may take a while so you may want to copy it in smaller bites, or just be patient.
    Go To iDisk
  4. Drag the copied folders onto iPhoto which will import the images even if they are stored in a deep hiearchy.
  5. Alternatively, drag the folders onto File Jucier which will extract the images from all the folders and place them in one folder where you can sort them according to size. This can be easier since your MobileMe web sites and galleries have many copies of the same photo in different sizes.

MobileMe recovery is not one of File Jucier's main functions. However if you have lost images you can might find them on your flash cards, even if you have erased them a long time ago. Flash cards don't reeally get erased until you fill them with new images or video. You may be surprised how old photos you have there if you do a flash card recovery, which is one of File Juicer's main functions. You may also use File Juicer to recover images from your iPod