File Juicer

File Juicer

for macOS

Extract images from Apple TV

While File Juicer can help you recover images from Flash cards, iPods, and iPhones - the Apple TV needs to be physically disassembled (and warranty voided) to get to the images. You will not need File Jucier for this operation.
One good thing compared to the iPods is that the Apple TV stores high resolution versions of your images as well as thumbnails.

You need:

  • An enclosure for a 2.5 inch hard drive or an 2.5" ATA Disk to USB adapter
  • A torx 10, a torx 8 and a phillips #0 screwdriver
  • Willingness to void the warranty of your Apple TV

Remove the hard drive from the Apple TV

extract-hard-drive-from-apple-tv The tools and an external 2.5" hard disk. Here a SmartDisk FireLite 2.5-Inch Portable Hard Drive which use an ATA disk like the Apple TV. An enclosure like this one on Amazon USB 2.0 Hard Drive Enclosure Kit for 2.5" internal ATA hard drive should also do the job.

remove-torx-10-screw-in-each-corner Remove the torx 10 screws in each corner of the Apple TV.

apple-tv-hard-drive-torx-8-screws Peel away more of the rubber foot to remove the 4 torx 8 screws holding the hard drive.

apple-tv-hard-drive Open the Apple TV.

apple-tv-with-disk-removed Remove the hard disk.

2.5-inch-disk-dissassembled Disassemble the 2.5" hard drive.

unplugging-the-disk Plug in the drive from the Apple TV. Connect it to your Mac and copy the images you need.

unplugging-the-disk Here is a screen shot which shows the Apple TV drive: a media and a OS partition. With Disk Utility you can make a complete backup of your Apple TV.