File Juicer

File Juicer for Mac OS X

1) Download

Version 4.92 | Feb 26 2021 | 3.6 MB | Changes

Please give me a hint on what you use File Juicer for. It has many uses, and I I like to know what is most popular and what to improve.

5000 uses collected so far. Check the word cloud!. Mostly expected use, but also surprises and a lot I don't understand.

Interested in File Juicer from Apple's Mac App store? I can mail a good offer if you sign up for this. (Apple does not allow for upgrading customers from other shops).

Email for App Store offer:


2) Move to Your Applications Folder

Quit the old File Juicer if you have not already done so. Then move the freshly downloaded File Juicer to your Applications folder and replace the previous version.

Your license code will continue to work in the new version so you don't need to enter it again.


Click Support for contact info, installation, registration and lost serial numbers.

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