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DMG - Mac OS Disk Images

DMG files are Mac OS Disk Images. If you get a corrupted disk image, File Juicer can extract files from the disk image, but the results may vary because of fragmentation which happens when files are deleted and added.

Recover Images from Flash Cards

Recover images form Flash card on Mac OS X Recover JPEG form Flash card on Mac OS X DMG's are useful with File Juicer when you want to recover images from a damaged or erased memory card from a digital camera. If Finder can see the disk image, File Juicer can make a Disk Image of it, and extract the images which have not been damaged.

You can use this if you by accident deleted the images, if you thought you had them copid to your Mac.

If you know you only want to recover JPEG images from the flash card, you can speed up File Juicer by only checking the JPEG checkbox in the preferences.

To recover the iages from a flash card, use the Flash Card menu in File Juicer (Mac OS 10.3 or later).

With Mac OS 10.2.8 you can use Disk Copy which you find in your Applications > Utilities folder. When you have saved the (read-only) Disk Image you can drop it into File Juicer. Disk Copy Screen Shot

DMG Files on Windows

TransMac can save Mac disk images - it may also read them.
MacDrive can make Mac disks usable from Windows - excellent for external hard drives. Apple's man page on hdiutil. A command line interface (for Darwin) to the code responsible for creating the disk images.