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.MHT is HTML embedded in email

MHT email MHT files are MIME encoded HTML (MHTML) typically found on Windows. MHT Files are also the way Internet Explorer saves web pages. Files in this format can end up on your Mac if you switch and bring your email with you.

File Juicer 4.2 can extract HTML and images from MHT files. You need only enable the email attachment in the preferences as MHT is uses an an email file format too.

The only requirement is that they have the .mht extension so it can apply the stripping of the specially encoded characters in to convert it to HTML.

Converting MHT files with Automator

convert mht files with automator
File Juicer comes with an Automator Action for converson of MHT files. This will let you be able to combine File Juicer with other actions. The result of the Automator action is the folders for each mht file. Inside this folder index.html files link to the first HTML file extracted from the MHT archive.


recommended preference settings I recommend that you uncheck the duplicate removal in File Juicers preferences when juicing MHT files. It is common to reuse an image under different names in html. Removing duplicates can result in missing images in the HTML.