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Microsoft Office Files

Microsoft Office files - Excel, PowerPoint & Word, share a common format for storing images and other files inside documents.

File Juicer can extract files from MS Office documents, mainly images and text, but also video.

The common extensions for office files are:

  • XLS - Excel
  • DOC - Word
  • PPT - PowerPoint which you can also edit with Apple Keynote
  • PPS - PowerPoint Slide Show - normally not editable.
  • DOCX, XLSX and PPTX - are newer versions of the above. In 2008 Microsoft will add support for them in the Mac version of MS Office 2008, and provide a converter called "Microsoft Office Open XML File Format Converter for Mac"
Microsoft Office files can also be opened with NeoOffice/J.

WMF and EMF found here are vector graphics files, which you use in Microsoft Office or convert to other formats with Graphic Converter.

PICT files are common to find in documents made with the Mac versions of MS Office.