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EPS - Encapsulated Postscript

Is one of the basic file types File Juicer can extract from other files.

File Juicer does not contain a complete Postscript engine, so it will try to recognize EPS on its header, and trailer. To see if the extraction is successful you need to open the extracted EPS with other applications, like Preview.

EPS files can contain TIFF previews which File Juicer can extract.

Extracting EPS from PDF

One could expect to find EPS inside PDF files, but this is most often not the case as the EPS gets converted to PDF when it is saved, and becomes an integrated part of the PDF file.
To extract vector graphics from PDF you can use Preview which comes with Mac OS X 10.4. In Preview you select the graphics and copy it to the clipboard. Then choosen "New from Clipboard" in the File menu and save the extracted image as a PDF file.

Extract EPS from Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office does not store EPS files internally as EPS, but probably in a format created by Access Softek. To convert this back to EPS you can print the file to PDF, and drop the "printed" PDF file on File Juicer. This is the only case where I have seen EPS embedded in a PDF file, but this tip may work in other cases as well.

PS - Postscript Files

You can open Postscript files with Preview and save them as PDF, which you can then feed through File Juicer.