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Inflated Data

Many file formats use a compression method called "deflate". Examples are: png, pdf, swf, exe, zip and dmg.

When File Juicer finds "deflated" data, it "inflates" it to see it it contains a common file format.

If it is a common format file Juicer save it and give a proper extension.
ICC color profiles are sometimes deflated and stored inside PDF files. File Juicer will recognize the compressed data, decompress it, notice that it is a ICC profile, and give it a proper extension.

If the inflated data is not a common format it is still saved, but with the extension ".inflated" and the offset where it was found in [brackets] in the name. You can inspect this with a program like HexEdit, to see what it may be. When File Juicer extracts a PNG file from another file it will notice the deflated data in the PNG file, inflate it, and save it. This is the raw pixel data from the PNG file which it is not useful without the rest of the PNG file where the width and height of the image is stored.

Technical Details

where deflated data is found This screen shot shows the file "dfm.swf" opened in HexEdit. File Juicer has found the file "dfm[37000].inflated" inside. The [37000] refers to the place in dfm.swf where the compressed data was found - which can be seen with HexEdit as the hex value "78" which is the beginning of deflate compressed data.