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PCT or PICT - Macintosh picture file

Is one of the basic file types File Juicer can extract from other files.

This can be an image both in vector format or bitmap or a combination. Today it has been replaced by PDF, but it is still found in Word files, as user interface images in applications or as preview images for larger files.

The PICT File Format Specification

The PICT fileformat is basically a "frozen" series of function calls to Apples QuickDraw. This made it flexible and expensible. PICT even supports JPEG and JPEG2000 compressed bitmaps. QuickDraw's Internal Picture Definition To draw a PICT file on Windows, you can use the API "DrawPicture" which comes with QuickTime. QuickTime makes a large part of the API's you can use on Mac OS 9 (now Carbon), available on Windows.