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RAF - Fuji Raw Images

Many of Fuji's digital cameras can shoot images in raw format which contains everything its sensor sees. The RAF format can also contain a JPG version of the same image.

File Juicer can extract the JPEG version in the simplest possible way without conversion. You also have the option of using this with File Juicer's Automator action.

This is done the same way File Juicer extracts JPEGs from Word and PowerPoint files. A simple search through the file finds JPEG which is can be stored inside.

Performance Tip: Uncheck all the formats if File Juicers preferences you don't want to look for, if you know that File Juicer should only search for JPEG files.


If you have Mac OS X 10.4.8 File Juicer will use Apples RAW importer to convert the high resolution data to JPEG or TIFF depending on the checkboxes you set in the preferences.

To convert and work with the raw data and convert it to other formats you can also use my other application DoubleTake, iPhoto, Preview or dedicated professional applications like: