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CAB - Microsoft Cabinet Files

CAB files containing Pocket PC applications

File Juicer can extract CAB files from some, but not all, self installing EXE files when they are simple "decompress and copy to folder" programs .
Normally you would need to run ActiveSync on Virtual PC to install Pocket PC applications when the developer is not providing direct download links to their CAB files.

Even if File Juicer extract the CAB file, let the developer know that Mac users prefer CAB downloads!

In File Juicer you check the "Zip, Cab" checkbox in the preferences, and drop the EXE file on File Juicer. It will the search the EXE file and save the ZIP or Cab (or other well known formats) it finds hidden inside.

You then get 2 ways of installing the CAB file

  • macOS Bluetooth File Transfer Utility
  • Transfer the CAB with a flash card

If you extract more than one CAB file from the EXE file, you have to guess which one will work. I would recommend that you try the first or the largest one (This is not as good as asking the developer for Mac friendlyness).

"Self installers" made with NeoWorx Executable File Compressor or InstallerVise can protect its contents from being installed. EXE files which are "updaters", will not likely contain a nice CAB file which is "extraction friendly" either. This may also be the case with other installer creation tools, but I believe most tools are simple wrappers which will unpack fine.

If the EXE file turns out not to contain a CAB file, an emulator or a real PC is necessary.

Let me know if you encounter an exe file which does not work.

Microsoft Office Templates for Windows on macOS

The templates for the Windows edition of Office are burried inside cab files (which can have an .aspx extension) which contain the templates. You can find templates on Microsoft's template pages which require Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Extract Fonts From Windows Font Collections in CAB files

On Windows CAB files are sometimes used to store font collections. To extract fonts from them, drop the CAB file on File Juicer and let it extract the contents. You can just ignore the non font files there may be in the CAB archive.

Extracting files from CAB files - for the curious

File Juicer can also open CAB files and extract the files stored inside. Extracted files have names with little meaning, but dropping them on File Juicer once more, will reveal which ones contain images and sounds.

Contact: Henrik Dalgaard
Echo One