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jp2 - JPEG 2000 files

Is one of the basic file types File Juicer can extract from other files.

JPEG 2000 is not yet widely used, but it compresses better than JPEG. At high compression rates the image gets blurry instead of the boxy artifacts with JPEG.
With macOS it has become just as easy to write code for. It may therefore be embedded in files I have not discovered yet. Searching for JPEG 2000 is bundled with search for JPEG.

Safari, Preview and Mail all support JPEG 2000. Photoshop needs a plugin for it. The images below demonstrate the current browser support.

Wikipedia about JPEG 2000 and more references.

JPEG and JPEG 2000 - compared

I compressed a 6MB TIFF image 100 times to make the artifacts visible with JPEG and with JPEG 2000. The html is plain to show what works where.

1 - JPEG

Scaled down and JPEG compressed to fit in 64 kB

the jpeg version

2 - JPEG 2000 as download

Download the 64 kB image in JPEG 2000 format (full screen)

3 - JPEG 2000 via QuickTime Plugin (this went out of fashion 2017)

View it on its own page: JPEG 2000 with QuickTime. This is the most compatible way to show JPEG 200 images.

4 - JPEG 2000 Suported in Safari

View it on its own page: JPEG 2000 with the <img> tag