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CMP and CMW - Compressed Images

File Jucier will extract nothing CMP or CMW files - they are a proprietary format created by LEAD Technologies to compress images to smaller sizes than JPEG.

On Windows you may run into images compressed with LEAD Technologies software. This is not available for Mac OS, but you can with a bit of work still convert those images to a friendly format on a Mac


You need four things to do this.

  1. A Mac with an Intel processor
  2. Crossover from CodeWeavers - a free trial is available
  3. LEAD's free Command Line Image File Converter (you need to provide your email)
  4. Experience in installing software which look and behave differently!

This is the short "how to", but you will without doubt need to read the documentation.

  • Download the software above
  • Install CrossOver and choose to install an unsupported application. This will be in a "bottle" which is a folder on your disk (see below). The unsupported app is the EXE file you downloaded from LEAD's site. Use a name like "LEADTools" for the "bottle"
  • Copy your CMP files to the "bottle" - which has a folder in your ~/Application Support/Crossover/Bottles/LEADTools/drive_c"
  • Pick "Run Command" from CrossOver's Programs menu.
  • Use the LEADTools bottle you created with a command like
    LFC.exe "/Users/yourhome/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/LEADTools/drive_c/golfball.cmp" "/Users/yourhome/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/LEADTools/drive_c/" /F10
    in the command field which is too short for this long command.