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MDB - Microsoft Access Databases

File Juicer will extract images, video and sound if it is stored inside any filetype in any of the file formats mentioned in File Juicer's preferences. JPEG, PNG are popular image formats.

However - if you have a database which you wish to continue to use as a database for your data there are 4 main roads to take.

  1. Use MDB / ACCDB Viewer to view and export properly from the databases. Available in the Mac App Store
  2. Use Microsoft Access under Windows which you install alongside Mac OS on your Mac. This will give you full compatibility. Unfortunately it is also expensive and time consuming to install and keep Windows running, up to date and virus free, unless you happen to know Windows well.
  3. Use a PC running Microsoft Access on Windows to export the database as CSV files. Then import those CSV files in either Bento (for simple databases) or FileMaker Pro (for advanced databases). This also requires work, mainly learning a new database application and cleaning up data.
  4. Run Microsoft Access under Crossover, export your data, and import it in a database like Bento or FileMaker. Crossover is a 95% Windows replacement (requires a Mac with an Intel processor), and it partly runs MS Access

Open Office is working on importing Microsoft Access, but this is not yet completed. Experimenting with this solution will require a lot of computer knowledge for the moment.