File Juicer
File Juicer for macOS
Overview of Formats

Alphabetical List

This is the current description of the formats File Juicer has encountered more or less frequently, including tips about other useful applications.

About formats not listed here.

ac ac3 ace ai aif aiff albw aplibrary app approject aproject apvault apxl arw ascii asf asp asx au avi
bat bin bkf bmp bom bup bz2
cab cache caf cbr cdr cgi chat chi chm chrome-cache class cmp cmw cpgz cr2 crw css cwk
daa dat data db dcr dfont divx diz dll dmg dng doc docx download dsc dv dwg dxf
emf eml emlx emlxpart emptyfiles emptyfiles-diy enex eps epsf erf exe exe1
ffil fh10 fh11 fh4 fh5 fh6 fh7 fh8 fh9 fla flac flv formatlist fullbackup
gi gif guikit gz
hqx htm html hypercard
ichat icns ico icondatapack ifo img incrementalbackup ind indd inf inflated ini ink inx ipa ipsw iso itc ithmb
jp2 jpe jpeg jpg js
key keynote
lfp lrcat lrdata lrprev lua
m3u m4a m4b m4p m4v mbox mc2 mcx mdb mdbackup mddata mdi mdinfo mht mhtml mim mkv mov mov-repair mp2 mp3 mp4 mpe mpeg mpf mpg mpo mrw msg msi mtf
nef nes nib nrg numbers
odt ogg ogm orf
pages part pax pcd pct pdb pdf pdu pef photoslibrary php pict pictclipping pif pkg plist pm pm4 pm5 pm6 png pps ppt pptx pqa pr2 pr3 pr4 prc ps psd pub
qc2 qt qtch qtvr qtz qxd
r00 r01 ra raf ram rar raw rcproject rdf resource-fork rm rmvb rsrc rtf rtfd
scpt scr sea search-in-any-file sfil shar shr shtml sit sitx sky smil snd snds sparseimage sqlite svg swf
tar textclipping tgz thm thumbnails tif tiff tivo torrent ttf txt
uha url
waf waff wav wax webarchive webhistory webloc wma wmf wmv wmx woff woff2 wpd wps wvx
xlr xls xlsx xml xmp
zip zno